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Zoe Wannamaker
Jennifer Ehle
Philip Winchester
Timothy V Murphy
Lee Jones
Joely Richardson
Simon Brodkin
Rory Kinnear
Josh Whitehouse
Danny Mays
Eddie Marsan

Artist and Director quotes and references


"I've worked with several voice coaches, some are great, some good and some are terrible and a waste of money. Liam is great, he works so hard, he is a wonderful member of the crew, and he brings a joy and enthusiasm to his work that infects all his colleagues.


I can't recommend him highly enough. I've never done this for a voice coach before, he is an exceptional teacher."

Eddie Marsan, Actor


"Liam was a godsend. He did a lot of research for me... I didn’t want to make the accent too ‘meerkat’ because that’s going slightly too far. Instead I wanted to give her an aristocratic tone so it wasn’t incomprehensible or laughable.


“During the filming of the wedding reception there were a couple of Russian speakers. I started speaking to them and asked them if my accent was ok. It was good housekeeping, and I got a seal of approval so that was good!” 

Zoë Wanamaker, Actor


"Liam is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, dedicated people you could ever hope to work with."



Jennifer Ehle, Actor


"Liam is a joyful and diligent presence on set, and full of very useful voice tips" 



Joely Richardson, Actor

"To my delight and surprise, Liam helped me feel committed to, comfortable with and confident in the accent in a remarkably short

period of time."

Rory Kinnear, Actor

"Working with Liam was a joy from start to finish. Professional, insightful, detailed and always supportive. He's one of the best dialect coaches in the industry. Can't recommend him highly enough."

Danny Mays, Actor

"Liam is one of those people with that gift of putting you instantly at ease. He judges exactly what works for the individual and quickly guessed that I was a visual learner. His teaching just works wonders for me and I always look forward to working on new dialects".

Kara Tointon, Actor

"Loved my session with Liam, lovely guy, great voice coach."

SImon Brodkin, Comedian, Writer


"Liam is one of those special teachers who can make the transition into another dialect palatable. It's the mental and physical work in unison that he brings to the table, helping you capture a desired accent and make it yours."

Phlip WInchester, Actor

"Working with Liam on the voice for my character was invaluable"

Timothy V, Murphy, Actor


"Liam was instrumental for me in developing a real sound, while all the while taking cues from what I was doing and from the text. He understands the actors process and is able to translate subtleties and detail into what then becomes second nature. One of the best.


Lee Jones, Actor


"Liam was incredibly helpful, thorough and nice to work with. Liam's help gave me a great deal of reassurance for my work on "Modern Life is Rubbish"

Josh Whitehouse, Actor and Model


"Liam was an invaluable presence on set and provided instant advice and support whenever needed. It was great to have him as part of the team."

Fiona Walton, Director


"Thank you, Liam!  I really appreciate all of the help and support throughout.  You have such great ear and made us look like we knew what we were doing. Much appreciation!"

Craig Zisk, Director






Anthony and me.jpg

It may be difficult to see in the photo, but Anthony Wong kindly wrote a line saying

"Liam, you are the best, Anthony Wong"

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